• Introduce and strengthen awareness of the U.S. higher education system and showcase a diverse set of U.S. higher education institutions
  • Learn about admissions procedures and requirements to help better counsel your students
  • Gain a critical appreciation for the “feel” of the campuses visited – and in turn, which students will be the best fit for which institutions

Each Counselor Tour to the U.S. lasts about two weeks and typically includes visits to about 10 different universities across the country. While each university develops its own unique program for full or half-day visits, each usually includes:

  • 01INTRODUCTIONS Introductions of visiting counselors and host institution administration
  • 02UNIVERSITY OVERVIEW In-depth introduction of the university (demographics, trends, enrollment data, etc.)
  • 03Q&A SESSION Interactive question and answer session for both counselors and university team
  • 04CAMPUS TOUR Usually including the general layout of campus buildings, classrooms, food halls, dormitories, etc.
  • 05FACULTY/ADMISSIONS SESSION Presentation of international admissions requirements, application procedure, deadlines, scholarships and admissions requirements; faculty and international admissions staff interaction with visiting counselors
  • 06WORKING LUNCH AND/OR DINNER Hosted by the institution

  • If you are a counselor interested in participating in a Counselor Tour in the U.S., please contact us at