Objectives of the Counselor Tours

  • PROVIDING EXPOSURE The tour’s key objective is to offer introduction and strengthen awareness of the U.S. higher education system for the selected group of counselors; acquainting them to a diverse set of U.S. higher education institutions.
  • INCREASED UNDERSTANDING The counselors will learn not only about admissions procedures and requirements to help better counsel their students, but also gain a critical appreciation for the “feel” of the campuses they visit – and in turn, which students will be the best fit for which institutions.
  • THE “ONE-THIRD PHENOMENON” Counselors are key influencers in deciding the institution at which a student will enroll. Based on a UnivAssist survey of 300+ international students, the counselor’s recommendation factors a full one- third into the application decision (one-third student, one-third parent, one-third counselor).

Counselor Visit at each U.S. institution includes

(half or full-day programs)*
  • 01INTRODUCTIONS Introductions of visiting counselors, host institution counselors, administration and staff
  • 02OVERVIEW OF THE UNIVERSITY In-depth introduction of the university: demographics, trends, enrollment data, etc.
  • 03Q & A Interactive Q & A for counselors, university team, and students
  • 05FACULTY/ADMISSIONS SESSION Presentation of international admissions requirements, application procedure, deadlines, scholarships, admissions requirements, etc.
    Faculty and international admissions staff interaction with visiting counselors
  • 06WORKING LUNCH OR DINNER Hosted by institution

  • If you are a counselor interested in participating in a Counselor Tour in the U.S., please contact us at info@univassist.com