How many tours does KIC UnivAssist conduct in a year?

KIC UnivAssist conducts recruitment tours to India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East every year in fall & spring, and also Counselor Tours in the U.S.A.

How do we apply for the tours?

If you are interested to participate in our recruitment tours, please click on any of these regions of your interest: India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East

For specific questions about any of the recruitment tours, please write to us at info@univassist.com

What about the arrival and departure airport transportation?

If you arrive in the first city of the tour within 48 hours of the tour start, your initial airport transfer (airport to tour hotel only) is a complimentary service as part of the tour package. To ensure that our travel partners will be able to meet you at the airport at the right time, we will need your specific flight arrival details in advance. Note that upon your departure, airport drop-off service is also complimentary if you are leaving immediately after the tour. (Otherwise, we are happy to put you in touch with our travel partners if you would like to arrange a dropoff service through them.)

How are Fall & Spring tours different from each other?

Fall tours meet with more 12th graders, as well as some 11th and 10th graders. Recruitment in the fall is critical interaction with 12th grade students as they are making decisions about where they will apply for the following year. In spring, you are likely to meet more 11th graders and conduct yield (meetings with applicants and admitted students). Fall tour schedules tend to be a little more hectic, while we try to leave more free time in the evenings on spring tours for yield meetings.

Does UnivAssist manage the visa application process for participants?

We do not manage any visa application processes for participants. While we are glad to assist by providing useful information and invitation letters where possible, participants will complete the application process on their own.

What should we expect on the tour?

The tour schedules are fast-paced, and there will not be a lot of free time available for outside meetings during the day. The itinerary will begin early each day, typically visiting 2-4 schools daily (including Saturdays), with travel time in between. Sundays are generally off and may be used for travel between cities and/or at your leisure.

How many schools do we visit during the tours?

Overall, tours visit an average of 20-25 schools. In addition to the school visits, often there will be additional events on the schedule such as visits to educational centers, meetings with counselors, etc.

Do participants need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for the tours?

Travelers must arrange for their own international flights from the U.S. and back. If possible we suggest arriving one or two days in advance, to account for the possibility of unforeseen travel delays, to conquer jet lag and/or for acculturization. For your domestic flights between cities on the tour, this is included as part of the tour package and participants need not make those arrangements themselves.

Hotel accommodations are included as part of the tour package beginning on the first night of the tour’s start date and through the previous night of the tour end date (i.e. if the tour is February 1-11, your hotels are covered from February 1 through February 10). For any extra room night requests, we will be glad to put you in touch with our travel partners should you need assistance in booking.



What are the discounts available for a new university partner?

A new university partner can receive any of the Early Bird discounts, the Multi-Tour/Multi-Fair discount, the package pricing options, and the UnivAssist Passport discount.

Some of the cities on the India tours are visited multiple times between different tours. Is it advisable to sign up for multiple India tours if they visit the same cities more than once?

Many major cities on the India tours are repeated as they have a large number of high schools of our interest, all of which cannot be visited in a single tour. Each of the tours has a different set of schools that we would be visiting, with very few repeats.

If a university signs up for the Middle East Tour and the Middle East Add-On Tour, can it receive the Multi-Tour discount of $500 off each tour?

The university will be able to receive a total Multi-Tour discount of $500 only, since no discounts are applicable with the Middle East Add-On Tour.

If a returning university signs up for a tour before 29 January 2016, how much discount will it receive?

The Super Duper Early Bird discount of $1,000 is available till 29 January 2016. The discount applicable to a returning university is $250. However since the discounts cannot be combined, the maximum discount that this university could receive is $1,000 per tour if registered before 29 January 2016.

What are the discount options available for fairs?

The options for fair discounts include:

  • Early Bird Discount: $150 per fair before 25 March 2016
  • Multi-Fair Discount: $150 per fair (no deadline)
  • Mumbai Fair Add-On Discount: $650 discounted if a university signs up for the Mumbai fair in addition to signing up for Emerging Tour, or Metro Tour, or IC3 Conference

What is the maximum possible discount available on the UnivAssist fall tours for 2016?

If a university signs up for all the 11 fall tours (plus the Middle East Add-On), it will receive the special UnivAssist Passport discount of $15,000 off the total.

What is the IC3 Conference registration cost for a university representative?

The registration cost for the IC3 Conference is $700. If a university is participating in the Engage or Mega India Tours, the IC3 Conference is already included in the tour pricing. Universities participating in any other fall tour can receive an IC3 Conference registration Add-On Discount of $200 (so, conference registration is discounted at $500 for universities registered for a UnivAssist fall tour).