“This is my 7th KIC tour. What I like most about KIC UnivAssist is the student engagement portion and talking to the students about U.S. education. I like the small group format because students have multiple exposures to all the universities and colleges here. I also like the fact that there is a diversity of institutions and I also like the pace of the tour and the large variety of schools – international and national.”

- Kristoffer Toribio, Recruiting Coordinator, International Student - Global Engagement Center

"The KIC UnivAssist tour provided the best opportunity to enter the Indian market. UnivAssist staff has the credibility and trust from counselors and administrators of top national and international schools in India. This helped to eliminate the uncertainty of counselors and students to approach an otherwise unknown university. UnivAssist’s passion for U.S. education is extremely apparent in their interaction with students, and their willingness to educate U.S. institutions about the Indian market and education system."

- Frederico Silva, Assistant Director, International Admission

“There is no tour that brings out more undergraduate students to school visits than UnivAssist. They are truly the experts in India recruitment.”

“I had such an amazing day interacting with everyone on the counselor tour. They all provided such positive feedback and I am confident that the outlook that they have on the university will help motivate them to recommend students who are the right fit for us! Kate had such an energetic and positive attitude and her spirit definitely help keep the group going all day. We are so appreciative of what KIC has planned for us and we are already looking forward to hosting the next group of counselors!”


"Having the counselors on our campus is one of the most meaningful ways to convey the essence of our university. We have hosted three UnivAssist counselor tours and I have been beyond impressed with the genuine interest these visiting counselors have in learning about our campus and interacting with our students. The depth and caliber of questions from, and conversations with, these counselors underscores their commitment to helping their students gain entrance into the university they desire. These counselors are beyond gracious, and completely engaged with our faculty, staff and students throughout the day's events.”

- Victoria Imsirovic, Director Enrollment Services Strategy & Innovation

"The UnivAssist tour to 5 Indian cities exceeded my every expectation. UnivAssist has amazing entree into the best high schools in India, where many students really do want to complete their degree in the U.S. UnivAssist actively works for the success of the U.S. universities on the tour. The whole experience is individualized, supportive, well-organized, effective, and enjoyable."

- Denise Davis, Associate Director, International Programs

“It's a pleasure to travel with KIC UnivAssist. I was able to visit schools I could never get into on my own – the schools are carefully selected and excellent matches for U.S. schools seeking highly qualified Indian undergraduate students. Service and logistics from UnivAssist were superb. The tours are fast paced, but with time for counselor chats and yield time with students. Excellent schools, great students, wonderful tour leaders and logistical support. Very good value and ROI.”

- Steven Shaw, Assistant Vice Provost and Director of International Admissions

“I sincerely appreciate KIC UnivAssist’s presentations to students and their parents – the admission process to USA colleges and universities is not for the faint of heart. UnivAssist is well informed and provides a valuable service not only to students and their parents but to those who serve as college counselors in secondary schools by keeping them informed and updated. It is apparent (and appreciated) that UnivAssist is highly regarded by the college counselors at the schools we visit.”

- Pat Wrobel, International Student Recruiting, Undergraduate Admissions

“The tour was well organized, the school visits were well attended, and the KIC philosophical approach focuses on advising and supporting students. These are all features that were much appreciated by a newer recruiter. Thanks KIC, for a great tour!”

- Melissa Lyon, Director of International & Intercultural Programs
University of Oklahoma

"UnivAssist offered some of the best service and professional expertise I've received from an educational tour. The skills their tour leaders exhibited in networking with counselors, offering language skills and in-depth knowledge of the region, and student demographics was phenomenal.”

- Amina Benalioulhaj, International Admissions Counselor

"The University of Arizona selects UnivAssist for our recruitment in India because of their professionalism, commitment to education, and connections to great schools in the country. KIC UnivAssist takes customer service to a new level. Their professionalism and attention to detail make recruitment in India effective and stress free. UA has had nothing but positive experiences!”

- Lindsay Loebig, Assistant Director of International Recruitment & Outreach

"[UnivAssist] has extensive networks with high schools throughout India, and is eager to assist U.S. universities in understanding the Indian student and parents’ mindset. The KIC UnivAssist staff are very professional and deliver ambitious, high-value itineraries with exceptional exposure to high school students and counselors. Additionally, UnivAssist has facilitated opportunities for access to the local Indian media, giving us the opportunity to feature IUPUI’s educational program offerings in ways that would not be possible working solely from the United States."

- Sara Kurtz Allaei, Director for International Enrollment & Services

"KIC UnivAssist offers excellent customer service to meet the needs of all university representatives. They have a great knowledge of education in India and provide many opportunities for reps to meet highly qualified students."

- Talia Popovski, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

“I would not do India in any other way/with any group other than with UnivAssist – knowledgeable, caring, and passionate team.”

- Lily Fong, Assistant Director, International Recruitment

"I was thoroughly impressed by the UnivAssist tour. UnivAssist took us into some of the best Indian national schools so we could meet face-to-face with outstanding students. Just after one tour I have already seen many applications and inquiries. Also I was able to learn more about the rigors of the Indian high school curriculum from respected counselors and principals. I highly recommend you look at UnivAssist when looking to recruit students in India."

- Timothy Tesar, International Recruiter and Global Admissions Counselor

"It was hard to top the experience during my first UnivAssist tour, but they managed to do just that. The Emerging Tour is highly recommended for a smaller university such as Concordia University. The tour size was perfect – enough to have a great mix of schools, without being lost in the crowd. The students were eager to learn about the U.S. and were well-educated about their possibilities. The staff make it so you never have to lift a finger – all details were arranged with the concern of the participant as number one. I can guarantee a return trip from my university in the near future!"

- Lindsay Niemeyer, Assistant Director of International Admission

“I can think of no better way to increase interest among international students than by hosting counselors on our campus. UnivAssist made it very easy to network with 15 fantastic professionals. I'm already looking forward to hosting another tour!”


“This is my second trip to Brazil with KIC UnivAssist, who again are providing excellent services of getting us in the best schools. I come down here because we are devoted to only undergraduates, and it helps me gain access to the high school models. I have done bigger fairs in Brazil before, but KIC gets me in the market that is most important for us in this country.”

- Mark Schroeder

"Hosting the Indian Counselor Tour, I was truly impressed by the professionalism of all the counselors and staff who visited! It was truly a mutually beneficial tour ... counselors learned a great deal from being right here on our campus and we, too learned a great deal from their input and perspectives. The relationships that were built were wonderful. Our Chancellor is now planning a trip to India and we are so excited to have many additional contacts and resources. The focus on the student was very impressive with the goal to ensure the students and families receive the very best information possible to inform their decisions of where to pursue their degree. Truly a magical day!!!"

- Michelle Whittingham, AVC Enrollment Management

“KIC UnivAssist has become an industry leader in international student recruitment. Their tours give unprecedented access to key high schools in both established and emerging markets, and their small group format adds tremendous value. KIC UnivAssist should be an institution’s company of choice when it comes to recruitment tours.”

-Michael A. Brzezinski, Dean, International Programs

“UnivAssist provides incredibly organized tours, thrives on preparing students for study in the U.S, and chooses excellent school visits.”

- Skye Rust, International Admissions and Recruitment Advisor

“No other organization provides the access to prospective Indian undergraduate students like KIC UnivAssist. KIC UnivAssist seeks to provide the maximum value to universities by providing access to many of the top Indian high schools while balancing the needs of the students and counselors. Care is also taken in selecting high quality accommodations and transportation to meet the needs of business travelers, keeping health, safety and convenience in mind.”

- Sarah Noppen, Director of International Recruitment

"The Indian Counselor Tour was a well organized and enthusiastic counselor visit. It was a honor to host this wonderful group of counselors on our campus - we greatly enjoyed having the KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour at Miami University for an afternoon. The visit ran very smoothly and we particularly enjoyed our time chatting informally with all of the counselors. We would welcome them back to Miami anytime!"

"UnivAssist provides great access to key secondary schools in major Indian markets. They go beyond recruiting, educating students about opportunities for study in the U.S."

- Aaron Bixler, Associate Director, International Recruitment and Support Services

“Working with KIC UnivAssist has been one of the best decisions I made as a new Director of International Relations. The professionalism, support and knowledge they have brought to our college does not compare to any other services available. I will make KIC UnivAssist part of our strategic plan annually.”

- Patricia Corcoran, Director of International Relations

“What a delightful group of counselors from all across India and Singapore. We truly enjoyed hosting them on our campus. Not only did the group come prepared with questions for our staff and students but they demonstrated a genuine desire to find the best fit schools for their students. One of our tour guides even came to meet with me after we were done for the day to tell me how much she enjoyed the counselors. As a result of the wonderful experience her group shared, she has set up an appointment with our off campus study adviser to inquire about doing her study abroad experience in India this fall. That was such a wonderful note to end the day with.”

- Lewis Cardenas, Dean of International Enrollment

“There are numerous strengths to the UnivAssist tours, including the strength of their reputation and long-term relationships with excellent schools, their insider knowledge of how India works and the Indian mindset towards education in the USA, their understanding of higher education in the USA, the quality of the visits with students, the smaller group format, their sense of humor, and much more! I look forward to travelling with them on many more tours in the future, and hope to see you on one of them!”

- Sabrina Moss, International Admissions Counselor

"I had the pleasure of participating in two KIC UnivAssist tours, and SCAD has been present in all tours to date. UnivAssist’s extensive network of contacts as well as their excellent relationships with teachers and guidance counselors in India added immense value to the already well-organized events. The itineraries have consistently included first-rate schools to which I have had little exposure in the past. The small group format gives ample opportunity for all participants to introduce their institutions before engaging in direct conversations with prospective students. The KIC staff is professional, friendly, and exhibit an impressive nimbleness in adjusting and accommodating changes and requests on the go. I happily recommend KIC UnivAssist to anyone looking to recruit quality students in India!"

- Vlad Neykov, International Admission

“The Counselor Tour is a highlight in my year. The ability to connect with counselors, teachers or directors from high schools in India, where we cannot travel, is amazing. We'll continue to host this tour as it continues to bring enthusiastic colleagues, willing to leave misconceptions about our institution at the door.”


“It was our pleasure to host such a wonderful group of counselors on our campus.  The Counselor Tour brought the world to Western Kentucky University and hopefully planted relationships that will continue to grow in the future.”


"KIC exceeded my expectations for recruitment in India. I was able to deliver presentations to targeted audiences. As a specialized school, this was especially important to me. The counselors at KIC were professional and respected at the colleges I visited, and my presentations were all well received. International recruitment is only a small part of my responsibilities so it was very helpful to have these visits arranged by a reputable partner."

- Craig Hines, Associate Vice President of Admissions

“I signed up for the India tour with KIC UnivAssist because of its reputation for small tours, personal services, and school connections. After this tour, I know all this is true!”

“The Counselor Tour is a highlight in my year. The ability to connect with counselors, teachers or directors from high schools in India, where we cannot travel, is amazing. We'll continue to host this tour as it continues to bring enthusiastic colleagues, willing to leave misconceptions about our institution at the door.”

- Cuca Acosta, Associate Director, School Services

"I was extremely impressed with the overall level of service, planning, efficiency, and execution of the KIC UnivAssist recruitment tour. Everything, from the pre-check in at the hotels and airports to the school visits were so well coordinated by the UnivAssist staff that I was able to direct my full attention on meeting with students, parents, and counselors. Even though it was my first trip to India, I did not have to give a second thought to logistical concerns! The school visits were well organized and gave the tour participants an opportunity to present to and meet with well-qualified and motivated students all across the country. Additionally, what is particularly impressive is the fact that it is evident that UnivAssist genuinely cares about the students’ success, which helps to ensure that each student is advised and matched with the university that is the best fit with his/her future goals. Within a short time of returning from my trip we have already seen increased student interest and applicants."

- Jennifer Brook, Assistant Director, International Admissions

"KIC UnivAssist is an excellent education tour company. The small number of university reps per trip, the focus on undergraduate students and their unique and effective presentation technique makes UnivAssist a perfect fit for the University of Oregon. They have a special knowledge of the Indian market that can only come from previous experience actually working in the schools and advising parents and counselors. They not only know who the decision makers are in India, but often have them on speed dial. I recommend UnivAssist to any school looking to increase the number of Indian undergraduate students attending their institution."

- Robert Hardin, Assistant Director of Admissions for International Recruitment

“This is my 4th KIC UnivAssist Tour and my first time in Brazil with them. I have been to Brazil few times and I would say this is a fantastic tour because it caters to you, and the schools they have targeted have a wide range of student profiles.”

- Aryo Hasnugug

"RIT has participated in a variety of outreach and recruiting efforts in India for over a decade. By far, the UnivAssist Tour is the first to provide the university with a focused introduction to the enormous Indian high school population that is prepared and poised for undergraduate study in the U.S. I found the tour run with the utmost professionalism and precision, yet it also offered a collegial, fun and well-balanced atmosphere in which to work. I look forward to RIT’s ongoing participation with UnivAssist."

- Jody Lehr, Associate Director, International Outreach
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott

"The heart of counseling, attention to details and strong ethic of care in UnivAssist makes it one of the most valuable tours in South Asia.”

- Lisa Maroni, Assistant Director-International Recruitment and Admissions
University of Houston

"There is no other way to travel once you have become a UnivAssist traveler! UnivAssist takes recruitment travel to the next level with their one-of-a-kind team and their indispensable knowledge of higher education.”

- Me'Lisa Greenidge, International Admissions Counselors

"Traveling on the KIC UnivAssist India Tour was a remarkable opportunity for KU to extend its reach into the heart of the growing Indian pool of prospective undergraduate students. We visited excellent carefully selected high schools who warmly hosted our small diverse group of U.S. institutions. The organizers of the tour are well-connected and widely-respected by key secondary school counselors and administrators. Logistically well-planned and coordinated, this fast-paced tour covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time, giving our institutions a means to establish contact with seriously-interested, well-prepared Indian high school students, their counselors and parents. UnivAssist staff are professional, ethical and responsive to the needs and feedback of the U.S. institutions. Students, counselors and parents trust this group’s integrity and knowledge of the U.S. system and educational options available here."

- Daphne Johnston, Associate Director, International Undergraduate Admissions

“UnivAssist gives me and my campus access to an amazing diversity of engaged, excited, and knowledgeable students who are genuinely interested in American education. I've been introduced to so many great young people and can't wait to see them on campus soon.”

- Brandon Fairchild, International Admissions Officer

“I was so impressed with the organization of the tour. Communication with the UnivAssist staff before, during, and after the tour is impressively prompt and professional. Their ability to handle the logistics of the tour freed me up to focus on my job of connecting with students and counselors as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Every aspect of traveling was thought thoroughly through, leaving no room for concern or stress. The UnivAssist staff is professional, knowledgeable, and goes over and beyond to make this tour the best it can possibly be for your school. The tour size and setup at each school was exactly what was needed to help guide students to the schools that they would be the most successful at, leading to quality conversations with well-matched prospects. Overall, UnivAssist’s focus on truly assisting students in achieving their dreams is what stood out the most to me. This focus was evident in every aspect of our tour, and is ultimately what will continue to open up doors for UnivAssist and the schools that work with them in the years to come.”

- Maria Culbertson, Director of Domestic Recruitment
Southern Methodist University Lyle School of Engineering

"The KIC UnivAssist Graduate India Tour has provided us with amazing students for two years running. They have made a tremendous impact to our enrollment goals.”

- Mickey Saloma, Assistant Dean

“It was my first international recruitment trip, and UnivAssist could not have made it easier! They thought of every little detail and truly cared about our well-being as people – not just as clients. I got to visit schools I never could on my own, and I met with some great students. It was a pleasure!”

- Stephen Barnes, Admission Counselor

“I can't imagine traveling in India with anyone else! The access of high schools is incredible – both the quantity and quality of the students I met well surpassed my expectations. There is no way we could get into all of these schools without UnivAssist.”

- John Young, Director of Admissions

"Traveling with KIC UnivAssist in India was a dramatic difference from the first time I went to the country. The amount of time the organization spent on setting up visits really showed when we arrived at the schools. Attentive audiences were in attendance, and enough time was given to have pertinent conversations with prospective students. The comfort provided to the counselors traveling with the group was second to none. The tour group took the time to pre-check in guests allowing for ease of entrance into the hotels. I would trust KIC UnivAssist with travel any time I go to India."

- Carlos Delgado, Assistant Director of Admission

“KIC UnivAssist always delivers more than promised. Exceptional schools, and unbelievable logistics that allow schools to interact with over 30 schools in just 12 days. Not only do they deliver, but the care for participants is beyond any other tour out there.”

- Karen Mark, Assistant Director of International Admission

“The KIC UnivAssist’s Counselor Tour gave us the opportunity to showcase our faculty and campus in a way that isn't possible through our visits to international schools. We also were able to meet personally and in a meaningful way with a variety of counselors from around the world. We expect that this will have a big impact on our international recruitment efforts. While the students may change from year to year it is the relationships with the schools that are key to successful global engagement. We are excited to take what we've learned and incorporate this into our recruitment strategies.”


“After three times with KIC UnivAssist, I'm happy to see that [each time] they have continued to raise the bar even higher. I love the level of professionalism and support, the quality of the schools we visit and students we see.”

- Aaron Cardozo, India Outreach Representative

“Great cities, great schools, great students. KIC UnivAssist delivers!”

- Patrick Justice, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission
University of Missouri

"UnivAssist is building a revolution in [sharing] understanding of the U.S. higher education.”

- Ragh Singh, Assistant Director of International Recruitment
Lycoming College

"The patience, organization, assistance and professionalism of the UnivAssist staff truly make the tour fluid, productive and memorable! The attention we received in having our needs met, both professional and personal, made for an incredible recruitment effort abroad!”

- Jessica Hess, Director of Admissions

“KIC UnivAssist runs a well-oiled machine that provides maximum bang for the buck. Their professional connections provide access to a large number of schools with qualified students, and their philosophy of providing educational opportunities for the students enhances the experience of both the students and the schools. Be prepared for a non-stop itinerary, but one that provides excellent outcomes.”

- Vicki Seefeldt West, Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

"I was impressed by the professionalism of the UnivAssist staff. They were extremely organized. School visits in three cities in 5 days was fast-paced and hectic, but very rewarding. Meeting with the administrators, counselors, and the students provided us with the opportunity to reach out to a large pool of prospective students. Face-to-face interaction opened the door in building partnerships with the Indian schools. Indian hospitality was overwhelming. I would highly recommend U.S. graduate schools to go with the UnivAssist group to recruit students in India. It was a great experience overall."

- Dr. Ratna Sinha, Associate Director, Graduate School

“I traveled to Brazil twice with KIC UnivAssist and was very impressed. Their knowledge and experience in Brazil is invaluable. The small group format and visits to both national and international schools are just right. It was a pleasure to meet Brazilian students and learn more about Brazilian culture.”

- Seray Teleke, Assistant Director of Admission for International Recruitment

“KIC UnivAssist is invaluable, enabling access to schools and students I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to experience on my own. They constantly advocate to Indian students to understand that access and affordability can co-exist with academic quality.”

- Kenley Jones, Sr. Associate Director of International Recruitment & Admissions

"MONEY WELL SPENT! This was my first UnivAssist tour and I am very impressed by the quantity and quality of students I was able to meet and speak with at some of the best schools in India. UnivAssist definitely has very good connections at high schools in India. The UnivAssist staff is extremely professional, helpful and prompt with their assistance and communication. I definitely plan to travel with KIC UnivAssist in the future and I would highly recommend them to U.S. institutions focused on recruiting undergraduate students from India."

- Derrick Alex, Director of International Admissions and Recruitment

"My experience working with KIC UnivAssist has been very positive. From my very first interaction with the staff, they came off as very knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate. My experience traveling on the Emerging India Tour proved these initial observations to be correct. I was very happy with the organization and implementation of the tour. The selection of the schools visited helped to facilitate quality interactions with many promising prospective students as well as contact with school counselors. Most of all, I was impressed with the KIC UnivAssist leaders' genuine concern for the well-being and success of all the tour members and their tireless and professional work to make the tour a positive experience. I would be happy to recommend KIC UnivAssist to any school interested in growing their undergraduate Indian population."

- Kristi Marchesani, Assistant Director, International Admissions

"KIC UnivAssist puts together an extremely well organized Counselor Tour event. Our office traditionally hosts a counselor fly in event which requires a lot of work and coordination, but KIC UnivAssist makes it easier for us to put together a great program as they focus on logistics of getting the counselors here. The group consisted of counselors from top schools in various regions of India and I believe all had an excellent opportunity to really get to know SLU and will be able to share this with their students."

- Harvey Werner, Assistant Director - Office of Admission

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour provides university staff and faculty the opportunity to "show off" their campus, giving the counselors the chance to see first-hand what recruiters have been telling them about the school. UnivAssist tours are well-coordinated, particularly because UnivAssist takes the time to get feedback from the university to ensure that the experience will be the best for the counselors. The UnivAssist staff are accessible, friendly, and professional. We're looking forward to seeing the counselors again next year!”

- Jeff Davis, Associate Director

"Extremely well planned and executed tour. KIC UnivAssist put a lot of thought into the schools to visit. They had great knowledge of all the high schools and we were very welcomed and received at each high school. The managers also showed interest in learning about each university and in helping with a long-term strategy. The tour kept us on our toes the entire time but it was well worth it. I liked the presentation format of the tour as it enabled students to get details of all universities present to find a best match for them."

- Jaini Chhaya, International Admissions

“KIC is highly professional and knowledgeable about international education. The tour was a great pace and I had a chance to talk with hundreds of highly qualified students throughout Southeast Asia.”

- Kri Howland, Study Abroad & International Exchange

“If you are looking for positive exposure into top high schools, KIC UnivAssist is an easy choice. They provide a professional service in a format that fits my institution like a glove.”

- Munir Sayegh, Recruiter, International Admissions

"KIC UnivAssist is THE source of knowledge about the Indian student market and mentality. I was so impressed by the access that was granted to our group to schools that are notoriously difficult to get into (or simply get to!) when solo traveling in India. The Emerging Tour brought us in contact with students who were open-minded and eager to hear more about studying abroad, as opposed to students in main metropolitan areas who are regularly bombarded with visitors from the U.S. I have traveled with KIC several times in the past, and will absolutely continue to do so in the future, due to their enthusiasm, professionalism, sincerity, and passion for what they do. Highly recommended!"

- Jennifer Mathews, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions and International Recruiting
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