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About Us

About Us

KIC UnivAssist supports higher education institutions and high school counselors worldwide through unique programs that are geared toward developing and implementing international engagement, so that students around the world can find the right-fit higher education institution.

For global universities, our goal is to help create and maintain a comprehensive, international engagement plan through student recruitment, in-country representation, digital marketing and consulting. Our connections in 65+ countries around the world make us uniquely qualified to meet your institution’s needs.

For high schools around the world, our goal is to help counselors advise their students on how to choose the right-fit university through resources including college visits to your school, virtual WebiFair® events, advising sessions, specialized workshops and counseling forums. Our relationship with 350+ global universities ensures that we can connect counselors to the best universities for their students.

For more information, please write to us at: info@univassist.com



To enable educational institutions to engage meaningfully with their key stakeholders globally, leveraging in-person and virtual tools and events.


We aspire to be the leading organization that guides and supports global higher education institutions, enabling them to successfully plan and execute their international initiatives.



  • Thrill, don’t just fulfill
  • Constantly innovate
  • Constantly evolve
  • Remain childlike and always willing to learn
  • Act with integrity

Our Team

UnivAssist Team

Ganesh Kohli
Chief Mentor
Swaraj Nandan
Co-founder and Director
Kate Lotz
Director of Global Communications
Rohit Kandari
Director of University Relations
Karen Nascimento
Associate Director, Events & Partnerships
Nicole Weathers
Marketing Manager
Tanvi Kamdar
Manager, Communications
Shweta Singh
Assistant Director, Outreach
Shifra Elias
Graphic Designer
Neha Dalvi
Assistant Manager, Human Resources
Harsha Marote
Assistant Manager, School Outreach
Eneni Pugsley
Manager, School Outreach & Events
Belinda Perez
Manager, School Outreach & Events
Jeny Jose
Graphic Designer
Sushree Patnaik
Assistant Manager, Human Resources


Interested in working with UnivAssist?

Check our LinkedIn Jobs page to see what openings are currently available. We offer in-house positions at our office in Mumbai, India, as well as remote positions throughout India and the U.S.