Colégio Seriös (Brazil)

"Participating in the UnivAssist Counselor Tour was a unique experience. It was really important to have the chance to visit the campuses and talk to the faculty and students, because we can now better support our students and their families.”


"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour gives a great learning experience for counselors to learn and suggest suitable universities for students coming from different family backgrounds, skills, interests and lifestyles, and financial scope. The goodwill UnivAssist has is evident in each of the university visits, and universities appreciate UnivAssist’s professionalism and efforts to guide deserving students for admission."

La Martiniere for Girls (Kolkata, India)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour was a great learning experience on undergraduate U.S. education that is affordable by the middle class in India. A firsthand experiential learning of the campuses of the universities to find out their strengths — and a very well-organized tour with a passion for transforming the lives and careers of young people.”

Lotus Valley International School (Noida, India)

"The visits to the universities on the UnivAssist Counselor Tour was an eye opener for me, for it gave me an insight and firsthand experience of the serious, intense and innovative education being imparted in the U.S. The commitment and dedication coupled with the commendable hospitality of the faculty and administrative staff was really heartwarming.”

Ekamai International School (Thailand)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. provides a rich professional development experience that I'd never dreamt of. The experience of being on the university campuses and interacting with the current students allowed me to have much more insight than reading about universities or talking to representatives. The relationship built between counselors and universities, and among the counselors themselves, are priceless. Thank you UnivAssist for giving an opportunity to be a part of this tour.”

Colegio Móbile (Brazil)

"I am very grateful I had this opportunity to be on the UnivAssist Counselor Tour — not only did I learn about the visited institutions but also about helping students find the right fit ”

Vinschool (Vietnam)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour has been a very inspiring and educational experience for me, not just the hands-on experience on campuses but I also especially enjoyed the interaction with other counselors. Thank you KIC UnivAssist for this great opportunity! ”

The American School of Tangier (Morocco)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour allowed me to see a variety of campuses in the United States. I can now visualize the students I have and which ones would be a good fit for these institutions. It was an opportunity I know I would never have been given if it wasn't for KIC UnivAssist.”

Colegio Gimnasio la Colina (Colombia)

"I appreciate every single day of the UnivAssist Counselor Tour. It is an invaluable experience for me, and for sure I will share all this information with my school community. Thank you to KIC for this opportunity, and for taking care of every detail. It shows how much you care, and that is what makes the difference — you touch so many lives. Never stop doing this!  ”

PanAmerican School of Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour was a unique enriching experience. I learned a lot with great counselors and universities.”

KIS International School (Bangkok, Thailand)

"You have completely opened up parts of the USA to me and through me to all of my students that were a big blank before. I had great fun, made a lot of new friends as well as useful contacts at all of the schools that we visited.”

"UnivAssist has brought American universities to my students in Bangkok, and has taken me to universities in America. Their commitment to students' education is a real eye-opener.”


"This was the most professional training in counseling I have ever had. A very enriching experience which will help me to have more informative sessions with my students. The trip was very well organized, meticulous, gave exposure on variety of universities in various states."


"One of the most enriching experiences of my life that will help me guide my students well. The direct exposure to the college administration and faculty was the highlight."


"Definitely one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life. I feel empowered with correct information, which I can impart to my students so that they make more informed choices. KIC UnivAssist has been instrumental in bridging the gap between students and U.S. universities."


"The Counselor Tour was an enriching experience. 15 action-packed days, taking us across America was like a dream come true. As a professional, I think seeing what U.S. universities have to offer, the quality education, the finest infrastructure and most of all a keen desire to have Indian students studying in their universities, is a very encouraging thing. I am better informed and can help my students make more informed choices about higher education."


"As a high school counselor, the most thrilling and valuable experience of my life so far."

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour is a practical and thorough learning platform that enabled me to experience and imbibe the ethos and implementation of the U.S. education system. And most importantly, it has stimulated my mind to explore this system so as to provide my students with sufficient information to make the most appropriate college decisions."

Maranyundo Girls School (Rwanda)

"I really enjoyed the college visits on the UnivAssist Counselor Tour, and having direct access to admissions officers and college faculty. It provided me with additional information that I would not have known or found on websites. The opportunity to discuss and ask questions with my peers was very valuable.”

The American School Vietnam (Vietnam)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour was a fabulous experience for me. In all my years of being a counselor, I have never been on a tour so comprehensive and one that included the smaller, less known schools. I can't stress enough how powerful it is to be there in person, seeing the campus, talking with the people! I learned a lot; it was intellectually stimulating and informative. I also had a great time getting to know some of the people I traveled with. It was overall an invaluable experience!”

St. Columba's School (India)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour was a wonderful and memorable experience to get hands-on, detailed information from the horse's mouth. It has greatly changed my perception of sending my students for undergraduate courses in the U.S.”

Colegio Jefferson (Colombia)

"UnivAssist is an organization that provides information and career tools for counselors abroad and higher education institutions, allowing me to expand my knowledge which in turn, helps my students.”

Shiv Nadar School (India)

"The in-depth overview of all 12 universities was overwhelming. The UnivAssist Counselor Tour is an educative tour for counselors, and lot of learning happens for not only beginners like me but for the more experienced as well. Thank you KIC UnivAssist for the opportunity and exposure!! ”

Thai-Chinese International School (Thailand)

"From beginning to end, the UnivAssist Counselor Tour was the most organized, professional and informative tour I have ever been on. The opportunities provided by KIC UnivAssist and the participating universities were simply outstanding! I learned so much in two weeks, and look forward to relaying the information to my students. I highly recommend participating on a tour like this if you get the chance. Thank you! ”


"I love the experience of having people from different universities giving our students exposure to the various options they have. I think today we have come to a world without physical boundaries, and having the right kind of exposure so that students choose the right subject, right course, and right university is important to me. As a school principal and director of the Singhania group, I would like my students to get the exposure that can help them find their calling and I want to get the best for them, therefore I encourage universities coming to my school."

- Revathy Srinivasan
Gimnasio Campestre (Colombia)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour has been one of the best learning professional experiences in my life, not only because I was allowed to visit 10 schools, but because of the variety of schools. The possibility to understand the higher education system and to know deans, faculty, students, counsellors from all parts of the world! Thank you. ”

Marymount School Barranquilla (Barranquilla, Colombia)

"KIC UnivAssist opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities that will benefit my students in Colombia. During the UnivAssist Counselor Tour I felt incredible support and care from our tour leaders, university hosts and the amazing group of counselors I got to meet. Thank you all for making this possible. My commitment and love towards counseling will show when I get to share this experience with my students.  ”

Academia Los Pinares (Honduras)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour was a great experience! Seeing such a variety of universities firsthand will be priceless in the advising process. As we were at each university, I could see particular students being a good fit. This tour was also great for networking. It was great to initiate relationships with admissions staff. The connections with other counselors provided a network of support for the future. I have learned so much from them! ”

Pathways School Noida (Noida, India)

"The UnivAssist Counselor Tour has been a splendid opportunity for me to see a flavor of various universities, subject offerings, flexibility, and scholarship opportunities. It has made for me a whole new perspective on U.S. higher education.”

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH School) (Jakarta, Indonesia)

"SPH was pleased to have Ganesh Kohli (Founder and Chief Mentor, KIC) as keynote speaker for the annual SPH University Fair. Ganesh has a strong understanding of international educational trends and a deep insight into the complex application and decision-making process for international students. We received only positive feedback from both students and teachers, and teachers were very impressed with his [intuitive responses] to students’ questions. He challenged students to rethink their college destination and look at new alternatives, as global mobility is increasing with many new choices for students studying abroad. As job titles are becoming more diverse, Ganesh challenged students to be prepared for the change of trends. Overall we found [the address] motivational and challenging, resulting in students wanting to follow up and speak more after the presentation."


The Bishop’s School (Amman, Jordan)

"KIC UnivAssist is such a great entity which helps counselors from all around the world learn more, from firsthand experience, about American universities and admission requirements. KIC UnivAssist simply is a global educational bridge which reinforces international understanding and the college counseling profession. ”


"Thank you so much for visiting us and giving us such a wonderful presentation. It was very useful and practical. I do appreciate everything you did for our school. I believe that our students got a lot of benefit from the presentation and individual session. Personally, I have learned a lot from the education experts you brought to us!"


"Being a part of the first KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour has been the most enriching and fruitful learning experience I've had so far. We not only got the opportunity to visit some of the best educational institutes in the U.S. but we got to do it with counselors from some of the best schools in India. The tour was extremely well organized and took care of the minutest details. I have made some great friends and connections on this tour. I would like to thank the entire team of KIC UnivAssist for this wonderful experience and recommend the KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to every guidance counselor out there!"


"It was an enriching, engaging and candid experience, which has raised the bar of knowledge pertaining to the nuances of U.S. universities and the confidence level to counsel our students aspiring to study in U.S., as well as encourage other students."

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