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Counselor Testimonials

See what counselors from around the world have to say about UnivAssist and our unique programs.

“Two weeks on the KIC UnivAssist Global Counselor Tour to the U.S. has offered me one of the best and most comprehensive professional development experiences that I’ve ever had. I am grateful to the UnivAssist team for providing me with this incredible opportunity to learn so much about a variety of U.S. universities and colleges. This tour was a transformative experience — thank you!”

International School Dhaka (Bangladesh)

“It was a wonderful experience! I loved interacting with various universities and broadening my choices.”

Student Attendee (Middle East WebiFair)

“It was fun. It’s actually the first webinar I’ve been to where all my questions were answered. They speak to you directly and explain things so wonderfully.”

Student Attendee (Latin America WebiFair)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was a great learning experience on undergraduate U.S. education that is affordable by the middle class in India. A first-hand, experiential learning of the university campuses to find out their strengths. This was a very well-organized tour with a passion for transforming the lives and careers of young people.”

La Martiniere for Girls (Kolkata, India)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. allowed me to see a variety of campuses throughout the U.S. and I can now visualize which students I have that would be a good fit for these institutions. It was an opportunity I know I would never have been given if it wasn’t for KIC UnivAssist.”

The American School of Tangier (Morocco)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. provides a great experience for counselors to learn and suggest suitable universities for students coming from different family backgrounds, skills, interests, lifestyles and financial scope. The goodwill UnivAssist has is evident in each of the university visits, and universities appreciate UnivAssist’s professionalism and efforts to guide deserving students for admission.”

Chirec International School (Hyderabad, India)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been one of the best professional learning experiences in my life, not only because of the large volume of schools visited, but because of the variety of schools. The opportunity to better understand the U.S. higher education system and to meet deans, faculty and students, as well as counselors from all parts of the world, was fantastic! Thank you.”

Gimnasio Campestre (Colombia)

“It opened my eyes about all the hard work I must do — I can say it has been a motivation. I was amazed by the number of universities present and I greatly benefited by talking with the representatives who helped to guide me in my career path.”

Student Attendee (Engage India WebiFair)

“I really enjoyed the college visits on the UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S., as well as having direct access to admissions officers and college faculty. It provided me with additional information that I would not have known or found on websites. The opportunity to discuss and ask questions with my peers was very valuable.”

Maranyundo Girls School (Rwanda)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was a great experience! Seeing such a variety of universities first-hand will be priceless in the advising process – as we were at each university, I could see particular students being a good fit. This tour was also great for networking and initiating with admissions staff. The connections with other counselors provided a network of support for the future – I have already learned so much from them!”

Academia Los Pinares (Honduras)

“It was overall a great fair and the online platform was easy to use! Live stream and getting questions answered immediately by university representatives truly enhanced my experience! Thank you for organizing a great fair!”

Student Attendee (India WebiFair)

“It was really convenient to be able to ask direct, personal questions. All of the universities were prepared and informative, which helped me make excellent use of my time during the WebiFair.”

Student Attendee (Southeast Asia WebiFair)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was an enriching, engaging, and candid experience which has raised the bar of knowledge pertaining to the nuances of U.S. universities. My confidence level in counseling our students who aspire to study in the U.S., as well as encourage other students, is tremendously improved.”

Oakridge International School (Hyderabad, India)

“UnivAssist’s university visit to our school was very useful and practical, with a wonderful presentation. Our students benefited greatly from the presentation, as well as the individual sessions. Personally, I have learned a lot from the education experts you brought to us!”

St. Paul American School (China)

“Participating in the UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was a unique experience. It was really important to have the chance to visit the campuses and talk to faculty and students because I can now better support our students and their families.”

Colegio Serios (Brazil)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. provides a rich, professional development experience that I’d never dreamed of. The experience of being on the university campuses and interacting with current students allowed me to have so much more insight than I would receive from just reading about universities or talking to representatives. The relationships I built between counselors and universities, and among the other counselors, are priceless!”

Ekamai International School (Thailand)

“Being a part of the first KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been the most enriching and fruitful learning experience I’ve had so far. We not only got the opportunity to visit some of the best educational institutions in the U.S., but we got to do it with counselors from some of the best schools in India. The tour was extremely well organized and took care of the minutest details. I have made some great friends and connections on this tour. I would like to thank the entire team at KIC UnivAssist for this wonderful experience and recommend the KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to every guidance counselor out there!”

Navrachana International School (Vadodara, India)

“This WebiFair cleared all of my issues and gave me very useful information. It showed me that there are variety of pathways which could lead me to my dreams. Overall, the event was superb — absolutely fantastic!”

Student Attendee (Middle East WebiFair)

“I really enjoyed the WebiFair. I could attend various university presentations, and the fact that I could ask my own questions and that they would take the time to answer them was great! I gathered a lot of information from the fair and I really enjoyed it.”

Student Attendee (Latin America WebiFair)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has definitely been one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life. I feel empowered with correct information, which I can impart to my students so that they make more informed choices. KIC UnivAssist has been instrumental in bridging the gap between students and U.S. universities.”

Selaqui International School (Dehradun, India)

“More than 90% of our students look to go to the U.S. for college, so the Counselor Tour to the U.S. is extremely beneficial because it gives us that experiential learning, which we can then use to guide our students and help them through picking the right university. My experience on this tour has been amazing – I’ve gotten so much valuable information and the universities have been gracious and so kind. I am just in awe of the nice treatment and wonderful breath of information! I have been a counselor for over 20 years; you think you know it all, but you never really do.”

The American School of Vietnam (Vietnam)

“This was the most professional training in counseling I have ever received. It was a very enriching experience, which will help me have more informative sessions with my students. The trip was very well organized, meticulous and gave us exposure to a variety of universities in various states.”

Global Indian International School (Singapore)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been a splendid opportunity for me to see a flavor of various universities, subject offerings, flexibility and scholarship opportunities. It has given me a whole new perspective on U.S. higher education.”

Pathways School Noida (Noida, India)

“KIC UnivAssist is a great entity that helps counselors from all around the world learn more from first-hand experience about American universities and admission requirements. KIC UnivAssist is a global educational bridge that reinforces international understanding and the college counseling profession.”

The Bishop’s School (Jordan)