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Engage with Universities

Enhance your counseling efforts by strengthening relationships with global university admissions officers

At KIC UnivAssist, we truly value the role that counselors play in advising students to choose the right university. We’ve made it part of our mission to connect with high school counselors around the world and provide resources that enable them to best advise their students on options for higher education around the world.

University Tours at Your School

KIC UnivAssist offers counselors the opportunity to host a group of visiting universities at their school. This contributes to your school’s college counseling efforts by:

  • Hosting global universities, including an introductory presentation on higher education

  • Advising sessions for students, conducted by expert admissions officers

  • Offering specialized workshops for high school counselors and students

  • Counseling forum/fairs where university representatives meet with counselors, students and parents in person to answer questions

WebiFairTM Events

UnivAssist WebiFair events are FREE virtual higher education events to support students looking ahead toward university, career, and beyond. Just like in-person university visits, students, parents and counselors can meet one-on-one with university admissions officers from around the world live. Our WebiFair platform features:

  • Live, one-on-one interaction with university admissions officers

  • Free presentations, workshops and webinars on higher education, how to find the right-fit institution, and relevant application and counseling topics

  • Downloadable materials from colleges and universities around the world

High School Virtual Career Fairs

For schools looking to move their career fair or college fair to a virtual platform this year but aren’t sure where to begin, we are here to help. UnivAssist provides an end-to-end solution for schools, groups of schools or consortiums to host a virtual fair. Leveraging our WebiFairs platform, we will manage an individual, customized virtual event just for you:

  • Set up of an individual, customized virtual event just for your school/consortium

  • Back-end platform development with profiles and individual rooms for each university/organization participating in your fair

  • Technology support, including a “help desk” room where our staff will be present to assist with any issues during the event

Counselor Tours to the U.S.

KIC UnivAssist has led successful Counselor Tours to the U.S. annually since 2013. These small group tours visit about five U.S. cities and 8-12 American institutions during a 14-day tour. The primary focus of these tours include:

  • Connecting with U.S. colleges and universities

  • In-person learning from international admissions staff and faculty

  • Touring campuses in person

  • Training to understand applications and admissions criteria

  • Meeting current students at each campus to hear about their experience


“UnivAssist offered some of the best service and professional expertise I’ve received from an educational tour. The skills their tour leaders exhibited in networking with counselors, offering language skills and in-depth knowledge of the region and student demographics was phenomenal.”

University of Oklahoma

“This was my first ever recruiting tour (and my first time in Asia, in fact), so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I quickly became comfortable since UnivAssist did a great job of really taking care of our small, intimate tour group, and we even ended up feeling like a family and had a lot of fun together.”

University of California, Riverside

“The KIC UnivAssist’s Counselor Fly-In Tour gave us the opportunity to showcase our faculty and campus in a way that isn’t possible through our visits to international schools. We also were able to personally meet, in a meaningful way, with a variety of counselors from around the world. We expect that this will have a big impact on our international recruitment efforts. While the students may change from year to year, it is the relationships with the schools that are key to successful global engagement. We are excited to take what we’ve learned and incorporate this into our recruitment strategies.”

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

“KIC UnivAssist is a great entity that helps counselors from all around the world learn more from first-hand experience about American universities and admission requirements. KIC UnivAssist is a global educational bridge that reinforces international understanding and the college counseling profession.”

The Bishop’s School (Jordan)

“It was really convenient to be able to ask direct, personal questions. All of the universities were prepared and informative, which helped me make excellent use of my time during the WebiFair.”

Student Attendee (Southeast Asia WebiFair)

“This WebiFair cleared all of my issues and gave me very useful information. It showed me that there are variety of pathways which could lead me to my dreams. Overall, the event was superb — absolutely fantastic!”

Student Attendee (Middle East WebiFair)

“Being a part of the first KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been the most enriching and fruitful learning experience I’ve had so far. We not only got the opportunity to visit some of the best educational institutions in the U.S., but we got to do it with counselors from some of the best schools in India. The tour was extremely well organized and took care of the minutest details. I have made some great friends and connections on this tour. I would like to thank the entire team at KIC UnivAssist for this wonderful experience and recommend the KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to every guidance counselor out there!”

Navrachana International School (Vadodara, India)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been one of the best professional learning experiences in my life, not only because of the large volume of schools visited, but because of the variety of schools. The opportunity to better understand the U.S. higher education system and to meet deans, faculty and students, as well as counselors from all parts of the world, was fantastic! Thank you.”

Gimnasio Campestre (Colombia)