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Recruitment Tours

  • How many student recruitment tours does KIC UnivAssist conduct in a year?

    Typically, KIC UnivAssist conducts recruitment tours to 5 regions around the world every fall and spring, as well as Counselor Fly-In Tours to visit colleges and universities.

  • How are fall and spring recruitment tours different from each other?

    Fall tours meet with more 12th graders, as well as some 11th and 10th graders. Recruitment in the fall is critical interaction with 12th grade students as they are making decisions about where they will apply for the following year. In spring, you are likely to meet more 11th graders and conduct yield (meetings with applicants and admitted students). Fall tour schedules tend to be a little more hectic, while we try to leave more free time in the evenings on spring tours for yield meetings. Please note for Brazil: when visiting Brazil, spring is the best time to meet with 12th graders at the beginning of their senior year, due to the difference in academic calendar there.

  • What travel options do your recruitment tours have?

    We are constantly adding new options to our recruitment tours to best serve our university partners. We currently offer full tours (all travel and accommodations included), full tours without hotels (local air and ground transportation included) and hop-on options (no hotels or transportation).

  • How many schools do you visit during a full tour?

    Overall, tours visit an average of 20-25 schools on a ~10-day tour. In addition to the school visits, often there may be additional events on the schedule such as visits to educational centers, meetings with counselors, etc.

  • How can I register for a recruitment tour?

    If you are interested in participating, visit our student recruitment tours webpage and select the region(s) you’re interested in. For specific questions about any of the tours, please write to us at info@univassist.com.

  • Tour Pricing and Discounts

  • What discounts are available for a new university partner?

    New university partners are eligible for any discount other than the “Returning University” discount. Please note, discounts cannot be combined.

  • What is the “Early Bird” discount?

    Each tour cycle, UnivAssist typically offers a discount for early signups. Please download the most recent tours package for specific details.

  • What is the “Multi-Event” or “Multi-Tour” discount?

    For participating institutions registering for multiple tours or WebiFair events, there may be a special discount applicable. See the application for specific details.

  • WebiFairs

  • What is a WebiFair?

    Designed to replicate all the important features that our university partners enjoy on our trademark student recruitment tours, UnivAssist WebiFairs combine webinar presentations with virtual fair interaction to provide value-added components for universities, counselors and students. In a WebiFair, each institution has their own “virtual room” where they can interact with all attending students, parents and counselors for the duration of the event. For more information about WebiFairs, please visit our WebiFairs page.

  • How many students will attend the WebiFair?

    Attendance can vary by region, but you can expect 500-1,000 student registrations for each WebiFair.

  • Do we receive all the student registration data, or only the data of students that visited our university virtual room?

    After the event, participants receive an Excel sheet with detailed data on registrants for that WebiFair who agreed to share their data (including name, email, school, city, etc.), as well as analytics from their individual room.

  • Do we have to set up our own booth?

    Nope! We do all the heavy-lifting on our end. We will just ask you to complete a short profile form with information on your institution, and send us your logo, brochures, photos, etc. — we take care of the rest and make sure that your booth and university profile look amazing before the event begins!

  • Are these events for grad or undergrad recruitment?

    It depends on the event! Most of our WebiFairs are specifically for undergraduate student recruitment, and promoted only to high school students. We do have some separate events that are specifically for graduate student recruitment, and those are denoted as such. Check each event for specifics.