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Master's Education Summit (MES)
20-24 September 2021

The Master’s Education Summit (MES) is the largest gathering of Master’s degree-seeking students, higher education institutions, and industry leaders to exchange ideas, inspire future leaders and transform lives. MES enables an enhanced level of engagement for graduate education, where Master’s degree-seeking students from top universities in India gather for career-focused workshops, esteemed leadership talks and expert sessions, and engage with international universities.

Why Attend MES?

The Master’s Education Summit draws students from the best universities in India, world renowned keynote speakers, and leading educators from around the globe. Master’s degree-seeking students can meet a wide range of universities for their further studies, and explore their program interests with university admissions representatives.
MES works with Indian university partners directly to identify student needs, bringing together Master’s degree-seeking students who have the established intent of and goal seeking higher education on the MES platform to collaborate and pursue further studies.

Who Should Attend

Master’s degree-seeking students

Administrative heads (principals)
Parents of students

Domestic and international universities offering Master’s programs

Organizations that support students’ educational career journey

College placement officers

Professors and industry leaders

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What to Expect

5 events from 20-24 September 2021, taking place 5:30pm-8pm IST each day

MES is a 5-day event with participation from 5+ Indian university partners each day. Indian university partners bring their students, parents, professors/faculty to participate in the live event with workshops, expert sessions, and an open fair-style summit for higher education. Each day of MES will offer something unique for students, from different universities across the globe to resume reviewers to financial advisors to test provider representatives (such as IELTS, GRE, and GMAT).
  • Meet more than 2,000+ invited pre- and final year students from top universities in India each day
  • An affordable graduate student recruitment platform with ROI
  • Highly effective and user-friendly technology platform which has been used to organize 20+ productive student recruitment events, with strong positive reviews from universities and students alike
  • Your own virtual room and branded broadcast space, where students can visit you live to ask questions, download brochures, see your presentations, and more
  • Virtual engagement features allow for student interaction on chat, video and audio
  • Custom technology platform ensures complete logistical support
  • Pre-event orientation and training, platform demo and guided testing to help ensure your comfort and familiarity with the technology in your virtual room
  • Post-event wrap-up report, including attendee data for outreach/follow-up and to measure metrics. Full Week participants receive comprehensive attendee data from all registered students at MES who opted-in to share their data, plus the report of students who visited your virtual room. Single Day participants receive the data report of students who visited your virtual room.


Institutions and organizations are welcome to register for the full week, or a single day. Sponsorship opportunities are also available with additional benefits. Early Bird registration special pricing is available through 20 August 2021.

Sponsorship Opportunities

(limit 3)
(limit 5)
Participation in MES on all 5 days
Sponsor logo branding on event website
Sponsor mention on event website
Sponsor logo on outgoing promotional collaterals to students
Preferential booth positioning in Virtual Lobby
(alphabetically). Priority of request consideration:
1. Co-Host
2. Diamond Partners
3. Gold Partners



Expert Session (speaking slot) (included for Co-Host, optional add-on for other sponsors)Add-onAdd-on
Comprehensive attendee data from all registered students at MES, across all 5 days (who opted-in to share their data)

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