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KIC UnivAssist offers a range of services that support international engagement for both global universities and high schools. Our team would love to work with you to help accomplish your goals!

Email us at info@univassist.com for more details.

Student Recruitment

Collaborate with UnivAssist to advance your international student recruitment initiatives

UnivAssist’s management team brings deep knowledge about the education markets in India, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We work with partner universities to provide key market insights, set enrollment objectives for target cities, position our partners to exceed targets and provide measurements to track efficiency of multiple initiatives. Based on the enrollment plan, UnivAssist leverages the following activities:
  • Small group tours each spring and fall
  • Live, virtual WebiFair events to meet prospective students around the world
  • Provision of in-country coordinator in India to drive recruitment efforts year-round
  • Events to boost yield percentage
  • Recruitment fairs and school visits
  • Local mailing campaigns
  • Press conferences to announce country-specific scholarships

In-Country Representation

UnivAssist can help take your international engagement strategy to the next level

UnivAssist’s In-Country Coordinator program features a dedicated, qualified person on the ground in India to serve as the single point of contact, leading in-country engagement for your institution. Key highlights of this unique program include:
  • Year-round engagement with on-the-ground full-time employee in India
  • Leverage KIC UnivAssist network with schools and colleges
  • Turnkey solution ensures compliance with HR, legal and tax regulations
  • Dedicated office space and infrastructure
  • 25% discount on all UnivAssist student recruitment tours and WebiFair events

Counselor Fly-In Tours

COVID-19 Update: We continue to closely monitor and evaluate the global situation.

Our priority is the health and safety of our university partners, staff and contacts worldwide. If you are interested in hosting a Counselor Fly-In Tour, please reach out to us at info@univassist.com for the most updated information.

KIC UnivAssist’s Counselor Fly-In Tours provide a great opportunity to connect with high school representatives from around the world and introduce them to all that your university has to offer. Rated highly with great enthusiasm by participants, our Counselor Fly-In Tours:
  • Provide exposure for your institution
  • Expand your networks of high-quality high schools
  • Create high-quality connections via small group format

Digital Marketing

Stand out with UnivAssist’s strategic digital marketing campaigns

UnivAssist works with the most trusted local public relations and strategic communications consulting firms to support media relations activities in India. We work with global universities to understand their PR goals, craft strategies and choose between various media communication platforms including press conferences, press releases and one-on-one interviews. We help prepare institutional spokespersons and equip them to deliver key messages at media forums. Our media relations services include:
  • Press conferences
  • Press releases in various cities across India
  • Media interviews
  • Developing media kits
  • Media monitoring


Customized consulting to enhance your global engagement strategy and implementation

UnivAssist’s consulting service supports higher education institutions by enhancing their global engagement strategy and implementation. As a data-driven organization, we can help your institution assess new opportunities, solve critical issues and drive effectiveness of existing initiatives. Our consulting initiatives have strategizing, planning and on-the-ground implementation of:
  • Regional and country-level activities
  • Student recruitment initiatives
  • Study abroad
  • Alumni engagement
  • Other projects based on institutional need

Engage With Universities

Enhance your counseling efforts by strengthening relationships with global admissions officers

UnivAssist truly values the role that counselors play in advising students to choose the right university. To help counselors with this effort, we offer both virtual and in-person events to connect you with admissions officers from prestigious colleges and universities from around the world. Our programs include:
  • Hosting colleges and universities from around the world at your school, including an introductory presentation and workshops on higher education
  • Live, virtual WebiFair events to meet with university admissions officers from colleges and universities around the world
  • Infrastructure, technology and support to help you hold your school’s career fair virtually
  • Counselor Tours to the U.S. to visit campuses and meet institutions in-person

Student Resources

UnivAssist increases your knowledge about higher education opportunities around the world, and provides valuable resources to help students find the right fit

UnivAssist is dedicated to helping counselors, students and families understand the complex environment of global higher education. From why studying abroad is so valuable, to where to study and how to help students apply and plan for their departure, we’re here to help you advise your students through:
  • Up-to-date student mobility information
  • How to find the right university
  • Other helpful resources for exploring higher education options