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Student Recruitment

Collaborate with UnivAssist to advance your international student recruitment initiatives

KIC UnivAssist has helped 350+ universities worldwide advance their international student recruitment initiatives for more than 10 years. Our management team brings deep knowledge about the education markets in India, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We work with partner universities to provide key market insights, set enrollment objectives for target cities, position our partners to exceed targets and provide measurements to track efficiency of multiple initiatives.

Recruit by Region

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Recruitment Tours

Experience the WOW!

Since 2010, UnivAssist has led 75+ successful student recruitment group tours in India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Undergraduate recruitment tours provide a great opportunity to connect with prospective students and meet counselors around the world. Our tours feature:

  • Small group format for high-quality student interaction
  • Experienced tour leaders who teach/counsel students
  • Visits to national and international high schools (2-4 per city)
  • Workshops about the higher education
WebiFair® Events

This is not your average webinar!

Designed to replicate all the important features that our university partners enjoy on our trademark recruitment tours, UnivAssist WebiFair® events combine webinar presentations with virtual fair interaction to provide value-added components for universities, counselors and students. Our WebiFair® events feature:
  • Branded broadcast space for each participating university
  • Live interaction with prospective students, parents and counselors through video/audio, and chat features
  • Ability to share presentations, videos and downloadable materials
  • Comprehensive data about attendees

Join our Fall 2023 in-person tours to India, Brazil, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East! Download the tours package to learn more.