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Counselor Fly-In Tours

Counselor Fly-In Tours

KIC UnivAssist’s Counselor Fly-In Tours provide a great opportunity to connect with high school representatives from around the world and introduce them to all that your university has to offer. 

Rated highly with great enthusiasm by participants, our Counselor Fly-In Tours:

The tours’ key objective is to offer introduction and strengthen awareness of your higher education system for the selected group of counselors; acquainting them to a diverse set of higher education institutions.

The counselors will learn not only about admissions procedures and requirements to help better counsel their students, but also gain a critical appreciation for the “feel” of the campuses they visit – and in turn, which students will be the best fit for which institutions.
Counselors are key influencers in deciding the institution at which a student will enroll. Based on a UnivAssist survey of 300+ international students, the counselor’s recommendation factors a full one-third into the application decision (one-third student, one-third parent, one-third counselor).

Upcoming Fly-In Tours

2024 Counselor Fly-In Tours

Primary Focus

Connect and interact with international high school counselors for undergraduate recruitment

Tour Dates

22 April — 03 May 2024

Program Options

FULL-DAY PROGRAM: 8 hour session (approx. 10:00am to 6:00pm), including lunch and dinner

HALF-DAY PROGRAM: 4 hour session (approx. 8:00am-12:00pm or 2:00pm-6:00pm), including lunch or dinner

ADD-ON SECOND DAY PROGRAM: Add on another day to the Full-Day Program

Group Size

Approximate group of 15 visiting international high school counselors per tour