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In-Country Representation

UnivAssist can help take your international engagement strategy to the next level
UnivAssist has been providing India Country Coordinator services to universities since its inception in 2010. With our expertise in global engagement, we are uniquely qualified to provide expert guidance, insight, on-the-ground knowledge, and execution of your institution’s goals in India.

In-Country Coordinator Retainer Services

UnivAssist’s In-Country Coordinator program features a qualified, informed, and dedicated person on the ground in India to serve as the single point of contact, leading on-the-ground engagement for your institution. This includes:

Dedicated office space and infrastructure at the KIC UnivAssist office in Mumbai
Year-round engagement with on-the-ground FTE
Leverage KIC UnivAssist network with schools and colleges
Turnkey solution ensures compliance with HR, legal and tax regulations in country