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KIC UnivAssist supports higher education institutions and high school counselors
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For colleges and universities around the world, our goal is to help create and maintain a comprehensive, international engagement plan through student recruitment, in-country representation, digital marketing and consulting. Our connections in 65+ countries around the world make us uniquely qualified to meet your institution's needs.

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For high schools around the world, our goal is to help counselors advise their students on how to choose the right-fit institution through university tours, virtual WebiFair events, advising sessions, specialized workshops and counseling forums. Our relationship with 250+ global universities ensures that we can connect you with the right people for students!

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Celebrating 10 years in 2020
Engaging in 65+
Partnering with
250+ universities
Hosted 75+
Visited 680+
high schools +
Impacted 174,700+
Organized 12+
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Event Calendar

IC3 Festival
1 December 2020
6:00 am - 10:00 am EST (UTC -5)
IC3 Festival
2 December 2020
6:30 am - 12:00 pm EST (UTC -5)
IC3 Festival
3 December 2020
6:30 am - 10:30 am EST (UTC -5)
IC3 Festival
4 December 2020
6:30 am - 8:30 am EST (UTC -5)


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“I appreciate how well the UnivAssist team prepares us for the fairs, and the quality of the students with whom I interacted. The students are engaged, responsive, and ask good questions. I will be participating in future UnivAssist virtual fairs.”

Whitworth University • WebiFairs

“Thank you UnivAssist organization for connecting University of Waterloo with qualified students and counsellors in professionally structured virtual seminars. Your events are so well organized. I have met some incredible students through your virtual fairs.”

University of Waterloo • WebiFairs

Without question, the best virtual event we have attended in 2020. Excellent student turnout, with meaningful conversations and engaging questions. We are already looking forward to our next fair with UnivAssist!” 

University of Utah, Asia Campus • WebiFairs

“This was my first international recruitment tour, and it completely exceeded my expectations! First and foremost, I appreciated all the safety precautions and logistical assistance provided by KIC UnivAssist. I felt prepared and safe throughout the entire tour. The school visits were excellent, and the students and counselors were enthusiastic and welcoming. On top of that, the tour leaders were incredible, and I loved networking with other international admissions representatives in person. The tour was absolutely worth the investment, and I look forward to participating in future tours. I highly recommend KIC UnivAssist for anyone who is looking for an organized, safe, valuable, and impactful in-person recruiting experience!”

University of Pittsburgh • Tours

“UnivAssist offered some of the best service and professional expertise I’ve received from an educational tour. The skills their tour leaders exhibited in networking with counselors, offering language skills and in-depth knowledge of the region and student demographics was phenomenal.”

University of Oklahoma • Tours

KIC UnivAssist knows what they are doing with higher education. Their events are very well planned and very student oriented. Their ethics and values in regards to students makes it 100% certain that you are meeting with the right type of students on a meaningful platform. 

University of Kentucky • Tours

“Hosting the Indian Counselor Fly-In Tour, I was hugely impressed by the professionalism of all the counselors and staff who visited! It was truly a mutually beneficial tour. Counselors learned a great deal from being right here on our campus and we too learned a great deal from their input and perspectives. The relationships that were built were wonderful. Our Chancellor is now planning a trip to India and we are so excited to have many additional contacts and resources. The focus on the student was very impressive, with the goal to ensure students and families receive the very best information possible to inform their decisions of where to pursue their degree. Truly a magical day!”

University of California, Santa Cruz • Fly-In Tours

“This was my first ever recruiting tour (and my first time in Asia, in fact), so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I quickly became comfortable since UnivAssist did a great job of really taking care of our small, intimate tour group, and we even ended up feeling like a family and had a lot of fun together.”

University of California, Riverside • Tours

“UnivAssist has been surpassing itself year on year and has earned its way to be a well respected and coveted platform for various stakeholders. It was a delight to realise that transferring to the virtual mode did not diminish the superior value and integrity of the event.”

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin • WebiFairs

“It was a very busy few hours — a constant stream of students with very relevant questions. We did not expect to get a lot of interest considering we only offer hospitality, but was pleasantly surprised!”

Torrens University Australia/Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School • WebiFairs

“Extremely well-planned and executed tour. KIC UnivAssist put a lot of thought into the schools to visit. They had great knowledge of all the high schools, and we were very welcomed and received at each high school. The managers also showed interest in learning about each university and in helping with a long-term strategy. The tour kept us on our toes the entire time, but it was well worth it. I liked the presentation format of the tour, as it enabled students to get details of all universities present to find a best match for them.”

The University of Tampa • Tours

It was a pleasure participating in this well-organized fair. We were able to meet students consistently throughout the fair and they came well prepared to learn more about our university. It was a treat to see so many engaged students and we look forward to the next event! Thank you for prepping us and the students so well, and creating a dynamic schedule throughout the event.”

The New School • WebiFairs

“This platform is the best I have seen in emulating a live college fair experience. It was a very well-organized event, thanks KIC UnivAssist!”

Syracuse University • WebiFairs

“The KIC UnivAssist’s Counselor Fly-In Tour gave us the opportunity to showcase our faculty and campus in a way that isn’t possible through our visits to international schools. We also were able to personally meet, in a meaningful way, with a variety of counselors from around the world. We expect that this will have a big impact on our international recruitment efforts. While the students may change from year to year, it is the relationships with the schools that are key to successful global engagement. We are excited to take what we’ve learned and incorporate this into our recruitment strategies.”

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania • Fly-In Tours

“KIC UnivAssist puts together an extremely well-organized Counselor Fly-In Tour event. Our office traditionally hosts a counselor fly-in event which requires a lot of work and coordination, but KIC UnivAssist makes it easier for us to put together a great program as they focus on logistics of getting the counselors here. The group consisted of counselors from top schools in various regions of India and I believe all had an excellent opportunity to really get to know SLU and will be able to share this with their students.”

Saint Louis University • Fly-In Tours

KIC UnivAssist was an effective partner in our contingency planning efforts. They provided relevant data, thorough reports, and informed analyses that both facilitated and enhanced our decision-making.

Pepperdine University • Consulting

“I have been partnering with UnivAssist for 7 years and we built a strong relationship where I can always depend on them for their insight, professionalism, and simply caring about me and my institution.”

Orange Coast College • WebiFairs

“KIC UnivAssist runs a well-oiled machine that provides maximum bang for your buck. Their professional connections to school leaders, principals and counselors provide access to a large number of diverse, local schools with qualified students, and their philosophy of providing educational opportunities for the students enhances the experience of both the students and the schools. Be prepared for a non-stop itinerary, but one that provides excellent outcomes.”

Ohio University • Tours

“I’ve worked in higher ed for 10+ years and KIC UnivAssist is by far the most organized tour I’ve been a part of. Everyone was extremely professional and the schools visited were top notch.”

New York Film Academy • Tours

“The KIC UnivAssist Southeast Asia WebiFair was one of the best and most organized virtual events I have participated in, and I have done MANY. Most virtual events are a much different user experience than offline events for obvious reasons, but the setup of this event mirrored an in-person recruitment fair complete with individual ‘booths’ for students to come in and out to get information from the schools they are most interested in without having to sit through a series of endless presentations just to get to the one school they are interested in. I wish more virtual events followed this format and I will certainly be attending the next one in the fall!”

MCPHS University • WebiFairs

“I fully enjoyed the new WebiFair format that KIC has come up with. You can tell they really took the time to make sure it was as close to a real fair as possible. With Fall quickly approaching and things not going back to normal anytime soon, I’ve decided to invest some of my travel funds into these types of events going forward. So far, I haven’t come across any other options as appealing as what UnivAssist is offering.”

Marymount California University • WebiFairs

UnivAssist set up a great recruitment opportunity for schools in what have been challenging times for recruiters. They provided constant and beneficial communication throughout and gave us a great platform through which we could interact with prospects we otherwise might not have reached. Prospective students also got the benefit of a more low-stakes opportunity to meet with schools and representatives, meeting them where they are already at and with technology that they are most comfortable with. UnivAssist WebiFairs are definitely a benefit to the field and highly recommended!”

Joliet Junior College • WebiFairs

“After participating in the recent KIC UnivAssist WebiFair series, we at Indiana Institute of Technology could not be more thrilled! In a time when international higher education is nearly “webinar-ed out”, it was refreshing to engage with a platform that perfectly mimicked the feel of a physical fair. For our institution, the KIC UnivAssist WebiFair series has been an oasis in an otherwise desert-like stretch of recruitment webinars. We have long partnered with KIC for their recruitment tours across the globe, and their reputation for organization, thoroughness, and customer service has translated seamlessly into their WebiFair platform.”

Indiana Institute of Technology • WebiFairs

“As a first time participant in the UnivAssist Metro India tour, I forward my highest recommendation and referral to whoever is considering being part of this. From pre-tour meetings with the team, to meeting high school principals of top school at the welcome dinner, and engaging visits at high schools all over the country, UnivAssist has everything planned to the T.”

IE University • Tours

“This was a very professionally organised and well attended event. The quality of students and student interaction was good too. KIC UnivAssist never fails to deliver what it promises.”

Huron at Western University, Canada • WebiFairs

“I’ve done many India recruitment tours over the years and the small group tours with UnivAssist gave me by far more exposure than I’ve ever before experienced. KIC UnivAssist’s strong relationships open doors in many schools for the diverse universities on these tours, providing access to entire assemblies of grade 10 and 11 students. I was very impressed with UnivAssist’s approach and I highly recommend that my college and university colleagues who want to build quality undergraduate Indian enrollment give UnivAssist Tours a try!”

Foothill + DeAnza Colleges • Tours

“This was the largest and by far the best virtual fair for undergraduate recruitment in India that I have attended. I had a good number of interested students visit my virtual room with relevant questions. I did not miss in-person travel due to the overwhelming response of students via this platform. It helped me meet my outreach plans for Spring 2020! I was able to navigate the system well and there was tremendous support available at all times. Great work!!”

Foothill + De Anza Colleges • WebiFairs

“KIC UnivAssist constantly delivers above average results during their tours. They are great for new recruiters, as well as seasoned ones. I always feel successful after my tour with them, and they genuinely care about their participants! If you want to have a meaningful recruiting tour, choose KIC.”

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University • Tours

“I was impressed with the level of professionalism the WebiFair team offers — they have improved with every event and I had the honor to follow and participate in their success. I also appreciate that they keep students and reps engaged pre- and post-fairs by constantly promoting on Instagram and social media.”

EHL • WebiFairs

“KIC UnivAssist is THE source of knowledge about the Indian student market and mentality. I was so impressed by the access that was granted to schools that are notoriously difficult to get into (or simply get to!) when traveling solo in India. The Emerging Tour brought us in contact with students who were open-minded and eager to hear more about studying abroad, as opposed to students in main metropolitan areas who are regularly bombarded with visitors from the U.S. I have traveled with KIC several times in the past, and will absolutely continue to do so in the future, due to their enthusiasm, professionalism, sincerity and passion for what they do. Highly recommended!”

DePauw University • Tours

“Our team tried several products and venues for virtual recruitment in 2020, and the WebiFairs are the only one we are choosing to reinvest in for 2021. These are by far the most productive virtual recruitment events and are a pleasurable experience as a recruiter — well organized, within a reasonable time frame, and full of interested and qualified students!”

DePaul University • WebiFairs

“KIC UnivAssist is a reliable partner offering a great variety of recruitment destinations at competitive prices. I especially appreciate their flexibility; few other organizations allow you to hop on and off tours, rather than attending a whole tour as designed. Friendliness, professionalism, prompt and clear communication, in-depth knowledge of the regions visited are just a few of the attributes that make KIC UnivAssist one of my top choices for recruitment travel.”

DePaul University • Tours

“Although labeled a “veteran” because of my tour in 2019, I still felt like a newbie. Going on a tour with KIC felt comforting, especially since it was my first tour back since the pandemic. To my surprise, I actually did feel like a seasoned traveler this time around. I believe I owe a lot of that confidence to the support, professionalism, and organization of the KIC tours. They create a professional yet fun environment that not only left me with student leads, but also life long friends. I’m excited for the next one.”

Columbia College Chicago • Tours

“Loved the platform, as it mimicked the in-person experience!”

Bishop’s University • WebiFairs

This was my first tour ever and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience working with UnivAssist. The universities on the tour got along really well and we all had a blast going from school to school.”

Bishop’s University • Tours

“I sincerely appreciate KIC UnivAssist’s presentations to students and their parents – the admission process to U.S. colleges and universities is not for the faint of heart. UnivAssist is well informed and provides a valuable service not only to students and their parents, but to those who serve as college counselors in secondary schools by keeping them informed and updated. It is apparent (and appreciated) that UnivAssist is highly regarded by the college counselors at the schools we visit.”

Binghamton University, State University of New York • Tours

“KIC UnivAssist is a great entity that helps counselors from all around the world learn more from first-hand experience about American universities and admission requirements. KIC UnivAssist is a global educational bridge that reinforces international understanding and the college counseling profession.”

The Bishop’s School (Jordan)

“More than 90% of our students look to go to the U.S. for college, so the Counselor Tour to the U.S. is extremely beneficial because it gives us that experiential learning, which we can then use to guide our students and help them through picking the right university. My experience on this tour has been amazing – I’ve gotten so much valuable information and the universities have been gracious and so kind. I am just in awe of the nice treatment and wonderful breath of information! I have been a counselor for over 20 years; you think you know it all, but you never really do.”

The American School of Vietnam (Vietnam)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. allowed me to see a variety of campuses throughout the U.S. and I can now visualize which students I have that would be a good fit for these institutions. It was an opportunity I know I would never have been given if it wasn’t for KIC UnivAssist.”

The American School of Tangier (Morocco)

“It was really convenient to be able to ask direct, personal questions. All of the universities were prepared and informative, which helped me make excellent use of my time during the WebiFair.”

Student Attendee (Southeast Asia WebiFair)

“It was a wonderful experience! I loved interacting with various universities and broadening my choices.”

Student Attendee (Middle East WebiFair)

“This WebiFair cleared all of my issues and gave me very useful information. It showed me that there are variety of pathways which could lead me to my dreams. Overall, the event was superb — absolutely fantastic!”

Student Attendee (Middle East WebiFair)

“It was fun. It’s actually the first webinar I’ve been to where all my questions were answered. They speak to you directly and explain things so wonderfully.”

Student Attendee (Latin America WebiFair)

“I really enjoyed the WebiFair. I could attend various university presentations, and the fact that I could ask my own questions and that they would take the time to answer them was great! I gathered a lot of information from the fair and I really enjoyed it.”

Student Attendee (Latin America WebiFair)

“It was overall a great fair and the online platform was easy to use! Live stream and getting questions answered immediately by university representatives truly enhanced my experience! Thank you for organizing a great fair!”

Student Attendee (India WebiFair)

“It opened my eyes about all the hard work I must do — I can say it has been a motivation. I was amazed by the number of universities present and I greatly benefited by talking with the representatives who helped to guide me in my career path.”

Student Attendee (Engage India WebiFair)

“UnivAssist’s university visit to our school was very useful and practical, with a wonderful presentation. Our students benefited greatly from the presentation, as well as the individual sessions. Personally, I have learned a lot from the education experts you brought to us!”

St. Paul American School (China)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has definitely been one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life. I feel empowered with correct information, which I can impart to my students so that they make more informed choices. KIC UnivAssist has been instrumental in bridging the gap between students and U.S. universities.”

Selaqui International School (Dehradun, India)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been a splendid opportunity for me to see a flavor of various universities, subject offerings, flexibility and scholarship opportunities. It has given me a whole new perspective on U.S. higher education.”

Pathways School Noida (Noida, India)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was an enriching, engaging, and candid experience which has raised the bar of knowledge pertaining to the nuances of U.S. universities. My confidence level in counseling our students who aspire to study in the U.S., as well as encourage other students, is tremendously improved.”

Oakridge International School (Hyderabad, India)

“Being a part of the first KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been the most enriching and fruitful learning experience I’ve had so far. We not only got the opportunity to visit some of the best educational institutions in the U.S., but we got to do it with counselors from some of the best schools in India. The tour was extremely well organized and took care of the minutest details. I have made some great friends and connections on this tour. I would like to thank the entire team at KIC UnivAssist for this wonderful experience and recommend the KIC UnivAssist Counselor Tour to every guidance counselor out there!”

Navrachana International School (Vadodara, India)

“I really enjoyed the college visits on the UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S., as well as having direct access to admissions officers and college faculty. It provided me with additional information that I would not have known or found on websites. The opportunity to discuss and ask questions with my peers was very valuable.”

Maranyundo Girls School (Rwanda)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was a great learning experience on undergraduate U.S. education that is affordable by the middle class in India. A first-hand, experiential learning of the university campuses to find out their strengths. This was a very well-organized tour with a passion for transforming the lives and careers of young people.”

La Martiniere for Girls (Kolkata, India)

“Two weeks on the KIC UnivAssist Global Counselor Tour to the U.S. has offered me one of the best and most comprehensive professional development experiences that I’ve ever had. I am grateful to the UnivAssist team for providing me with this incredible opportunity to learn so much about a variety of U.S. universities and colleges. This tour was a transformative experience — thank you!”

International School Dhaka (Bangladesh)

“This was the most professional training in counseling I have ever received. It was a very enriching experience, which will help me have more informative sessions with my students. The trip was very well organized, meticulous and gave us exposure to a variety of universities in various states.”

Global Indian International School (Singapore)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. has been one of the best professional learning experiences in my life, not only because of the large volume of schools visited, but because of the variety of schools. The opportunity to better understand the U.S. higher education system and to meet deans, faculty and students, as well as counselors from all parts of the world, was fantastic! Thank you.”

Gimnasio Campestre (Colombia)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. provides a rich, professional development experience that I’d never dreamed of. The experience of being on the university campuses and interacting with current students allowed me to have so much more insight than I would receive from just reading about universities or talking to representatives. The relationships I built between counselors and universities, and among the other counselors, are priceless!”

Ekamai International School (Thailand)

“Participating in the UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was a unique experience. It was really important to have the chance to visit the campuses and talk to faculty and students because I can now better support our students and their families.”

Colegio Serios (Brazil)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. provides a great experience for counselors to learn and suggest suitable universities for students coming from different family backgrounds, skills, interests, lifestyles and financial scope. The goodwill UnivAssist has is evident in each of the university visits, and universities appreciate UnivAssist’s professionalism and efforts to guide deserving students for admission.”

Chirec International School (Hyderabad, India)

“The UnivAssist Counselor Tour to the U.S. was a great experience! Seeing such a variety of universities first-hand will be priceless in the advising process – as we were at each university, I could see particular students being a good fit. This tour was also great for networking and initiating with admissions staff. The connections with other counselors provided a network of support for the future – I have already learned so much from them!”

Academia Los Pinares (Honduras)

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